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Register To Bid

Terms and Conditions

Gateway Re-Sale Solutions: “Gateway” exists as an agent for the seller and a marketplace for the buyer. We provide an online bidding platform service intended to enable willing participants to buy and sell merchandise at their own discretion.

BIDDING:  By participating and placing bids you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and have entered into a legally binding contract. You are responsible for payment and all fees at the time of the auction closing.

ITEMS SOLD:  All items are sold “AS IS” and “WHERE IS” with NO WARRANTY expressed or implied.  Descriptions are believed to be accurate.  We strive at all times to provide accurate representations of all merchandise presented.  The buyer is solely responsible for all transactions executed within or outside of our website.  Please use PREVIEW DAY to verify the condition of the equipment. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GRANTED – PLEASE BID ACCORDINGLY

CONSIGNORS/SELLER: The Consignor may withdraw an item from an Auction prior to the auction closing.  Gateway makes every effort necessary to prevent this from happening but in some cases it is beyond our control and the consignor’s control.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause; however, Gateway assumes no liability or responsibility for decisions made by the Consignor.

BOTH AUCTIONEER AND SELLER:  Reserve the right to add, remove, split or combine lots presented, add reserve prices or minimum bids, change closing times, inspection times, removal times. Gateway reserves the right to update or change the terms and conditions before any individual auction is open for bidding. Gateway is disclosing that we do allow seller bidding. The seller is allowed to bid on his/her items until they meet his/her reserve price or until they purchase the item back. As a Bidder, the seller is subject to pay the same premiums as other bidders and the commission agreed upon.  It makes no difference to us who wins the bid as long as fees are paid that are due.

Gateway reserves the right to suspend, cancel, reschedule, or extend an individual item and/or auction event for any reason we deem necessary.  Gateway is an Online internet-based bidding platform and cannot be held responsible for interruptions or loss of connections as a result of internet or computer services that is beyond our control.

Both Auctioneer and Seller’s liability shall be limited to the refund of the item’s purchase price.

RESERVES:  Gateway and its Consignors may place a reserve on any item.  Gateway and Seller reserve the right to reject bids for any reason.  In the case of when a reserve is not met, the Auctioneer will notify the Seller of the highest bid.  The Seller can accept or reject the offer.

BIDDING ERROR:  Please REVIEW BIDS carefully before submitting yours.  In the event a bidding error is made, please contact or call office 618-939-4010 immediately.  Be advised, typically we are only here during regular business hours,

M – F, 8am – 4:30 pm.  We will review the circumstances to see how it may be reversed without affecting other participates.  We will not reverse bids after the auction has closed ABSOLUTELY ZERO exceptions.

BIDDING NOTIFICATIONS:  If you have been outbid you will be emailed an Out Bid Notification email. These notifications will keep you updated on the status of the bids you have placed.  Notices will not be sent out once the auction begins closing.  To quickly review your bids and see if you have won you can utilize the ‘REVIEW BIDS’ feature.

MAX BIDS:  This bidding feature places automatic bids on your behalf, up the maximum amount that you are willing to pay for the item.  Your bid is only increased when another bidder places a bid higher that your current bid.  If a bidder places a bid higher than your Max Bid, you will lose your position as the Winning Bidder.  At that time the system stops placing bids on your behalf, and you are required to enter a new bid if you wish to continue competing for the item.

BIDDING CLOSING: Auction closes 1-5 items per minute, depending on auction structure and size, starting at the designated auction end time and then closes 3 to 5 items per minute thereafter to the last item in catalog order.  This feature will close the bidding on intervals. This feature is programmed to emulate a ‘LIVE’ auction.  On the final day of the auction, a Countdown Timer will appear next to each Lot, displaying the exact number of bidding hours/minutes remaining before the lot ends.  IT IS IMPORTANT TO REFRESH YOUR SCREEN OFTEN TO GET THE MOST UPDATED BIDDING INFORMATION & TIME REMAINING!

DYNAMIC CLOSING:  The closing time of an item is automatically EXTENDED an additional 3 minutes whenever a bid is placed within the last 3 minutes of the item’s closing time.  This allows all interested bidders the opportunity to continue to complete for that item.

REQUIRED INFORMATION:  Gateway Re-Sale Solutions requires Bidders to submit a valid full name, a valid phone number, a valid credit card, upon registration our accounting department will verify your credit card.  Bidders without a valid credit card on file will not be allowed to place bids.  At any time you may update your credit card on file by clicking the “Bidder Profile.”  A valid billing address is required for the credit card provided, (card will decline if the address does not match card on file).  A valid email address.  Immediately after all required and valid information is entered and submitted a Bidder Number will be emailed.  If you do not receive an email immediately check your spam and allow further emails from Gateway.

By registering to bid online with Gateway Re-Sale Solutions you agree to hold harmless Gateway and any Consignor against any claim or liability resulting from items sold.

Any falsified information will result in the bidding number being deleted and legal action taken if necessary.

INVOICES AND PAYMENT:  Invoices will be emailed to all Winning Bidders the following morning after auction closing.  This email invoice is the only notification you will receive, so please check your inbox.  If you do not see it, please check your Spam.  The invoice will contain very important and time-sensitive, item removal information, and instructions.  PLEASE READ INVOICE CAREFULLY.  INVOICES WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY PAID WITH THE CREDIT CARD ON FILE unless other arrangements have been made.  Registered bidders MUST have available funds on their credit cards to cover all items purchased.

BUYERS PREMIUM:  15% buyer’s premium will be added to each purchase. If you bid $100.00 at checkout you will be charged $115.00.

SALES TAX:  Appropriate Sales Tax will be collected for all Auctions when applicable.

TAX-EXEMPT STATUS: If you have a resale tax exempt number you must email it to or fax 618-939-4060 a copy of your states tax exempt form must be filed in our office prior to Auction closing in order for Invoice to exclude tax.  You must include your bidder number with the Forms.  We must have this form on file in order for us to set up your Bidder Profile Tax Exempt.

PAYMENT BY CASH OR CHECK REQUIREMENTS:  You must notify us by email at by 6am close of the auction.  Please state in the email, Bidder Number, Name of the Auction, and method of payment you will be using.  Payment must be present at the removal site or in the office prior to the removal of items.  Checks will only be accepted if approved first.  In some cases, a Bank Letter guaranteeing funds to Gateway Re-Sale Solutions may be required. This letter can be faxed 618-939-4060 or emailed to our office

PAID INVOICE COPY:  Please check-in at Auction Desk as soon as you arrive at the scheduled Item Removal Time. You must have a Paid Receipt in order to retrieve your items or enter the Auction site premises.

ITEM REMOVAL TERMS:  Removal is generally scheduled the day after an auction closes if the auction is located in one of our warehouses. If the auction is an “ONSITE” auction removal may differ and is subject to the property owner’s availability to the premises.  Please check Auction Details carefully prior to bidding to be sure you can make the designated times or make arrangements for your items to be picked up. Specific instructions will be included on each invoice. Please insure that movers or anyone picking up items on your behalf have your paid invoice when checking in to the pickup location. No items will be released without a paid email receipt. NO EXCEPTIONS.

TOOLS AND LABOR REQUIREMENTS FOR ITEM REMOVAL:  Removal shall be at the expense, liability, and risk of the purchaser.  The buyer is solely responsible for all tools and labor required for the safe removal and transporting of their items. All who enter the auction site enter at their own risk and Gateway and Consignor is not responsible for any accident or injury.   Preview Days are a great opportunity to see what is involved in removal as again, removal shall be at the expense, liability, and risk of the purchaser this includes the safe disconnections, dismantling, moving, and removing of all the items.  Buyers are responsible for the expense incurred for any and all damages to the Sellers assets or property during the public inspections/viewing or Item removal times.

If additional help is needed from the Gateway’s employees’ fees may apply.  You may email or call 618-939-4010.  Please include Bidder Number and Name of Auction and what services may be needed.

ABANDONED ITEMS:  Any item NOT picked up by the allowed time frame as specified in the AUCTION DETAILS will be considered abandoned. Removal shall be at the expense of the purchaser. Abandoned items become the property of Gateway and the buyer will loose all money paid.  Gateway assumes no liability for lost or damaged property that has not been picked-up by the scheduled removal date.

WAREHOUSE SHUTTLING:    If you are not able to make the removal date, as stated in AUCTION DETAILS, Gateway will shuttle your item(s) back to our warehouse for a fee. If items are shuttled back to our warehouse storage fees may apply if items are not picked up within 3 Business days from date of removal.  To reserve space, on the truck email your request to  by 8 am following the close of the auction.  Please include your Bidder Number and Name of Auction. Our base shuttle fee is $50 per pallet space (our standard pallet space is 40” x 48”) with a $25 minimum. If any removal labor is involved outside of standard loading, excessive weight, disconnections, or extra removal time is required at an on-site pick up an additional charge will be applied to your invoice, and card on file will be charged.

If you have any questions about fees please call prior to the auction ending.

STORAGE FEES: We do provide longer-term Rental Storage Rates by pallet or square foot price. Please inquire if needed.  Items left in the warehouse after 3rd business day from date of removal that are not picked up or unless shipping arrangements or other arrangements have been made, items will be considered ABANDONED.  NO Exceptions due to limited space and WE DO NOT WANT TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR potential loss or damage to your item(s).

SHIPPING REQUEST:  If you would like your item(s) shipped, please email  by 8 am following the close of the auction to confirm your shipping request & to process payment for associated handling/crating/shipping expenses.  Please include your Bidder Number and Name of Auction in your request.

These Terms and Conditions cannot be altered except in writing by the Auctioneer.